New Projects and Summer Work


What’s Up Finland is doing pretty good being the approximately 250th most visited site in Finland an around the 100.000th in the world. Time to start new projects! Currently I am working on What’s Up Hungary that is at the moment only in Englis, but if everything goes according to plans, by the weekend it will be available in Finnish as well! The What’s Up sites are using WordPress as a content management system and despite all the warnings to the contrary it is a very functional solution. So far it could handle traffics from a constant 4-5 hundreds of visitors to almost 3000 without problem.

An other project that is under production is “Start Getting Fit“. This site will focus on health and body building. Not is the conventional sense, but more like from an amateur perspective. The goes after weather it is possible to get fit without a professional training program and what information can be found from for instance on the internet to aid the process. I will take a daily picture of my progress and write articles on the information I gathered on the subject. The site is going to be based on Joomla.

I recently got involved in the development of a site and am very curious on the result, however more than my excitement over it I cannot share, because the information is kinda sensitive :)

And finally I am going to start my summer job next monday! Even though it is going to bring money (unlike my projects) I am not very happy about working in an other field than what I enjoy (starting up projects and learning on the way). However, money is something that I must have for family and also for the projects (to finance them). On the plus side I think the work I am going to do is important for the community, it is near and I have only morning shifts so my whole day isn’t going to be used up!