Disgusting, disturbing.

In reaction to the news: Armband for the easy identification of foreigners

How dare someone even propose to a group of people to be marked? In a manner that is so humiliating, a parallel to the Nazi ways. It is disrespecting the jews that survived and specially all those people, children that died in the concentration camps.

I can understand if a party is nationalist, but this is outrageous. What party is like this, proposing Somali and gay people to be deported, proposing military regime and marking of people with armbands. And no! A politician cannot joke with these things. A Humorist, a comedian can, everyone know that a comedian is joking. A politician on the other hand is a responsibility, it is a trusted position. If a positions tells something there are going to be people who take it seriously even if he/she tells afterwards, that “Oh, yeah, that was just a joke.” John Doe and Comedians can make jokes, politicians cannot joke about Holocaust, Dictatorship and Deportation.

Dear True Finns (Perussuomalaiset) and Helena Eronen,

Please take a look to the summery of this movie, it summarizes the results of the ideas that are so commonly spread from among the party:

From Youtube: http://youtu.be/Xxnplib2uG4