Going to work

I decided a while back that I don’t really like “blokkeri” work (picking up and cleaning the glasses), but it seems that I just cannot keep myself away from this type of work. I got an offer to go to a real nice party at Onnela and work. This brings money, I have a good time so I couldn’t say no. To be more precise, I was really eager to go. And now the time has come. Today after about 40 minutes I’ll be working. The only problem, that I have no work clothes.

On the other hand tomorrow I will be alone with the kids from morning and it seems that I haven’t really thought it through. I’ll be really tired if I stay until the end of the shift (4am). And in addition to all that I might relapse, and get back to smoking what I recently stopped. Well well. Wish me good luck. Onnea, here I come :)