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What’s the state of PirateBay?


While I am sure many people use the PirateBay to download illegal or copyrighted content, it does serve other purposes. I tried to download the documentary TPB AFK:The Pirate Bay Away from Keyboard. I was really frustrated to find out I

Well as it turns out..

Joomla! sucks. Or its learning curl does.. however I gave up Joomla! I really liked it at the begining, and I still think that there are real neat solutions that are missing from WordPress, but! God, it is so annoying.

New Projects and Summer Work


What’s Up Finland is doing pretty good being the approximately 250th most visited site in Finland an around the 100.000th in the world. Time to start new projects! Currently I am working on What’s Up Hungary that is at the

Disgusting, disturbing.

In reaction to the news: Armband for the easy identification of foreigners How dare someone even propose to a group of people to be marked? In a manner that is so humiliating, a parallel to the Nazi ways. It is

Going to work

I decided a while back that I don’t really like “blokkeri” work (picking up and cleaning the glasses), but it seems that I just cannot keep myself away from this type of work. I got an offer to go to

“Hallo lezers!” or way over my head..

This so far looks to be a very busy week. I haven’t visited any classes yet, however I am constantly sitting in front of a monitor and typing somthing into a word processor. It is actually very tiring procedure. I

The “Takatalvi” Blackberry Winter

I really have a hard time translating expressions from Finnish to English. This Blackberry Winter is particulary bothering, because – even thou Wikipedia insists – I know that Takatalvi is not equivalent to Blackberry Winter. According to Wikipedia Blackberry Winter