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Final Assignment – Image 1

The image was over-exposed, I just duplicated the image and set it to multiply, than pull it back to around 80%. I think an over-exposed image is already destroyed, because precious image information is lost that cannot be restored really.

Final Assignment – Image 2

The image had the colours messed up so I just used the curves adjustment layer to fix them. I didn’t use automatic mode, because as far as I remember I cannot in this project, so I picked out a black

Final Assignment – Image 3

I just screened the image many times until I was satisfied with the brightness. Once the image wasn’t dark anymore I cooled it with a photo fileter and coloured the halo and dove to sort of gold. Original: Enhanced image:

Final Assignment – Image 4

I brightened the field, I blurred the sky just a little bit and enhanced the silhouette at the horizon. The downloadable file is a smaller version of the original more than 2K pixel wide image, because the original psd file

Final Assignment – Image 5

This image was too blueish, dark and blurry. I decided to warm it with an orange warming filter. After warming I brightened it by copying the picture and screening it on the enhanced original. Sharpening was made by using a