Course materials by Jaana Holvikivi

Terms of Use

If you are an instructor interested in using these materials in your class, please contact me at jaana.holvikivi (at) to let me know. I am generally happy to know that my material is being used, but appreciate feedback on who is using it, in what capacity, etc.

All photos are copyright Aiko and Jaana Holvikivi, and they are not in public domain.

In particular:

  1. You may use the materials directly from the web.
  2. You may make copies of these material for educational purposes only, provided that any existing copyright notice is preserved or, if no copyright notice appears, the following credit line is included: " 2010 Jaana Holvikivi"
  3. You must credit all borrowed materials.
  4. If you adapt materials, you must credit their source and also send us a copy of any adapted materials.
  5. You agree to provide some basic information about the context of use (institution, course level, size of course, what material was used and how, etc.)
  6. You agree to give feedback on the materials you use.

Created by: Jaana Holvikivi
Last update: 11.8.2010
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