User interfaces


Site evaluation number 2: an interactive Web site

Usability analysis: Online ticket buying

The introduction of the on-line ticket selling system of the Finnish railways VR has been a dramatic failure. An expert of usability analysis found 173 usability problems with the original version. The system has undergone some improvements since then; see, how many problems you are able to find now. The site is:

Test the usability by trying to buy different kinds and amounts of tickets for individuals and groups, and checking schedules. Plan a test procedure for cases such as:

How many steps are needed for simple tasks? Do you need to go back often? How long time it takes to get an order done? Report the problems in detail, and try to categorize them by severity: which problem is a serious issue, and which are less so or merely cosmetic. Use more than one browser in testing. Compare how ticket buying is done in Sweden ( or Switzerland ( You might also want to check the mobile apps. The usability guidelines that you checked in the previous assignment, might help also in this task, see

You can choose some other interactive site, if it is problematic enough.


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Last update: 11.4.2016