User interfaces


Team project: user interface design and usability testing

Study the lecture presentations




Build an application wireframe/ prototype in a team. Try to design a good user interface on the basis of usability principles and psychology that you have just learnt. Select an interactive application for the user interface design, for example

A good example of a navigation app for a different kind of situation is Blindsquare, take a look.
The user interface design can be partly done as "paper" drafts and graphs, and partly as prototype screens with certain interactive features implemented. Familiarize yourself with the Google Design Material guidelines, and apply them as appropriate.

Wireframing tutorial and examples.

Tools and resources:

The interface could be of experimental nature, and you can try your wildest ideas on it.

When you have completed a design prototype that can be tested, perform usability testing and make an evaluation of results. You will need test subjects that you recruit among other teams.

There are several resources online that provide check-lists and processes for usability testing, for example

The teams hand in

  1. their application user interface design
  2. with a documentation and
  3. a report on the usability test and evaluation of its results.

Software documentation usually includes:

The report should include an explanation of design principles and rules that were applied. However, you do not need to create project documentation as such, but to describe solutions that you have developed and give justification of your choices.


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