User interfaces

Program Spring 2016


This schedule might still change if needed. The course is based on regular attendance, make sure that the lesson times fit your schedule!

Week Monday Tuesday
11 Course presentation ; Learning methods  Introduction to usability
Psychology of interface design, part 1

Team assignment: usability analysis: of simple devices.
12 Psychology of interface design
About usability and Web design
Web site analysis: walk-through practice and problem fixing
13 no lessons no lessons
14 Psychology of interface design, part 3

Interaction design principles;
Team assignment; testing the usability of mobile devices.
15 User experience
Usability of interactive features: Web 2.0 site feature analysis
16 Ergonomics;
Usability issues and Human-centered perspective
User interface design: planning of project assignments
Ergonomics; ergonomics workshop
17 User interface design: designing of project assignments
Usability lab, testing procedures; practical testing.
18 Conclusions; and project presentations
More project presentations
Personal report due on 13.5.2016


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Updated: 14.3.2016