User Centered Design Project

Program Spring 2017


This schedule might still change if needed. The course is based on regular attendance, make sure that the lesson times fit your schedule!

Week Monday Thursday
3 Course presentation ; Learning methods 
Usability and user interface testing
Introduction to the user-centered approach
Psychology of interface design
4 User centered design process
Testing mobile devices
User experience
Project idea workshop; making up teams
5 Who is the user: creating personas and writing scenarios;
Analysing user needs (field study); Starting design ideas
6 Setting measurable goals; Creating wireframes or rough drafts Human-centered perspective; working on project
7 Evaluation of process and goals; planning and design Iteration continues: redesign and testing
Research assignment
9 User testing and usability testing Usability lab, testing procedures; practical testing.
10 Conclusions; and project presentations
More project presentations
Personal research report due


Created by: Jaana Holvikivi
Updated: 13.1.2017