Web - Creating a Home Page

Metropolia students have a home page area, where you can install web pages. You need to design and install at least two HTML pages in your directory. Minimum requirements for the content of the pages are: text, title, one external link, one picture, your e-mail address or other author information, and date, and another page with practice work, interlinked. We will use the home pages for handing in some course exercises. That means that you have to install a page with links to your completed work.

There are also several programs specifically for creating HTML pages.

It is also quite possible to create WWW pages using standard office software like Word, Excel or PowerPoint. From Word, a document can be saved as HTML which is the format used in the WWW. The quality of the result depends on the version of Word in use - Word creates complicated HTML code. You can also make and save GIF-images using PowerPoint.

The process:

1. Create the initial page following the guidelines given below.

2. Install the pages. To understand the procedure, see a graph of it.

3. You can personalise your pages as you like. Prepare yourself by exploring different designs: find and evaluate Web pages which are related to your ideas. Of the best pages, analyze why they appeal better than others. Decide the topic of the page(s), and why and for whom you create the page.

4. Design the structure and outlook of the pages:

5. Write the text for your page.

6. Plan the graphics: you may reuse something from the Web, or pick a picture from a library or CD collection, respecting copyrights. You could also scan your own picture, use a digital camera, or get photos on a CD. Finally, the graphics have to be converted to GIF or JPG for the Web. Note that large picture files make pages slow to load.

Remember that the pictures have to be saved in the same directory with your HTML file. Picture layout is somewhat difficult with HTML, use table or div tags if you need to place your pictures next to the text.


Created by: Jaana Holvikivi Updated: 23.8.2014