Introduction to Computing


Exercise 1: Classroom setup and Windows basics

Understanding assignment instructions

Understand the startup procedure in the classrooms

Start your computer and follow the messages on the screen. To log on to the LAN, press CTRL+ALT+DEL , give your user ID and password, and press Enter. When the computer is ready for use, you will see the Windows desktop on the screen.
Note: Remember to log off always when you leave the computer. When you restart the computer in the beginning of the lab session, the default settings take place and you get rid off setting changes done by the previous user.

Familiarize yourself with the user interface: icons (properties with right-click of the mouse) - what programs are available from the desktop, toolbars, and taskbar. Using the Start button, you can also search for more software.

Problems with the keyboard? You can toggle between the Finnish and English keyboard layout from the taskbar or with ALT+SHIFT.

Explore the environment

Open Windows Computer from the task bar or Start button. Explore the contents of hard disks and folders. Find answers to the following questions:

Finding essential materials

Browse through the information for this course at

Visit the material supporting the book "Computers" Internet Bridge, select an Edition, 1st chapter, Multiple choice or True or false questions to test your own level of knowledge.

Familiarize yourself with the Tube portal and Metropolia pages. Make sure you find the Library with its resource materials, schedules, etc.

Make sure that you are able to work with file management: how to create a directory ( New folder) and copy files, for example from drive D: to Z: like this:

a) Find the file using Computer view, click on it once, click with the right button of the mouse, and select Copy. Select drive Z: and create a new folder for Introduction to Computing, select it, and right-click and Paste.
b) or select the file, and drag with mouse to Z:\Introduction to Computing
c) or select the file (click once), give command Copy from the menu, select Introduction to Computing directory on Z: and Paste.
Be sure not to touch the public_html folder, or other precreated folders, and never delete them.



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Updated: 11.8.2011