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WORD report: Creating a report

The standard for reports follows the engineering thesis instructions Word layout for the final year thesis. Follow the instructions below to get it right. (A template is also available in the internal Metropolia network: File New My templates Thesis_2012.dotx Create new Document.)

Check the margins and position of page number top right. Page Layout: Margins

Next step is to make sure that default font is Arial, size 11. Paragraph Line spacing 1,5. Page numbers are positioned top right (from Insert tab). To change page numbering, use: Insert, Page number, Format page numbers;
Page layout, Breaks, Section Break, Next page
Edit Header or Footer: Not Link to previous; not same as previous or
Page number different first page or
Insert Cover page

You will write a report on Information technology current issues and future outlook based on lectures and other sources. It has the following structure:

Cover page

Table of contents, created from headings





Content requirements include:

Cover page has no numbering

Page numbers on other pages

Min. one image with a caption

Length 1000 to 2200 words

No long quotations from sources, your own writing

Referencing in text, and a list of sources at the end

Use of citations and references:

Learning to use different sources of computer science information is one of the aims of this course. You should use that information to expand your knowledge. Remember to give the reference to each citation (URL or publication name). Use Word's reference management: Citations. Footnotes are not commonly used in technical texts. Do not copy any text directly from other sources including other students. Direct copying is called plagiarism, which is an offence. A report has references to the sources that were used, and a list of references. If you take a full sentence from somebody else's text, it is a citation and needs to be in quotation marks. Sometimes a direct quote is preferred but often it is better to put the text into your own words, to paraphase. A book reference looks like this [1]:

1 Snyder, Lawrence. Fluency with Information Technology. Skills, concepts, capabilities. Pearson 2003.

For a Web site, give also the date when it was read (why?):, accessed 1.8.2009

Remember to check that the spelling is correct.

The Report/ Essay

The report contains your own views on the future outlooks of information technology or some area of it. You should present your own reflections about the subject enhanced by results of self-study. You can narrow the subject by doing in-depth research on one lecture topic, such as operating systems or mobile platforms, internet security, exciting new hardware, or LANs and wireless networks. You can use texts or mind maps that you made for earlier lecture assignments.

Some good information sources:

IT Journals:
PC Magazine

Scientific sources (through the library):
IEEE Explore
EBSCO Host: academic search elite

Hand in the report through the Tube assignments. Submit it also to Turnitin. Make sure that it will look good in paper copy.  Note that this work will be graded as a Word assignment (formatting), and its contents as the final learning report of the course. Remember to check that the spelling is correct! You may want to take a look at instructions and self-check tests on academic writing to ensure that you can use proper style:
report writing and about educational practices.



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