Information Technology project instructions

This checklist is made to cover different types of projects. In each case, discuss the steps with your instructor. Consult also the Final Year Project Writer’s Guide especially for the layout and formatting of the report.

Project Process Checklist

Project assignment and team formation

❑ Organize your team (agree on roles and project management)
❑ Select your topic: brainstorm a good number of ideas, discuss and select
❑ Find an instructor

Project Definition

❑ Set project goals
❑ Write a project proposal and submit it to the instructor

Initial Client Interview

❑ Make appointment with client
❑ Conduct interview

Project Planning

❑ Organize project notebook
❑ Develop a team budget, allocate resources to tasks, make a schedule with checkpoints and deadlines
❑ Submit the plan to the instructor and client, if applicable, for approval

Background research

❑ Make a research plan: Assign responsibilities and make a schedule
❑ Complete background research

Functional analysis, system requirements and prototyping plan

❑ Review requirements and functional specifications
❑ Generate alternative methods for implementing functions and features, select system layout and design
❑ Decide methods for collecting data (user interviews, observations and/or lab tests)
❑ Decide what type of mock-ups and prototypes to build
❑ Review plan with your instructor

Design and documentation plan

❑ Decide on features to include in design, divide into modules
❑ Assign responsibilities and make a schedule for building prototype for design reviews
❑ Plan product documentation and project documentation

System design and building of prototype

❑ Build user interface
❑ Collect data
❑ Implementation of functions and features, programming

Design Review

❑ Present prototype for design review to the instructor and client
❑ Analyze design review results
❑ Make changes to design/prototype

Test plan and testing

❑ Decide on plan for testing: What elements of design require testing? How will you conduct tests? What performance criteria will you use?
❑ Assign responsibilities and make a schedule for conducting tests
❑ Conduct tests, report results, and make required corrections

Final deliverables

❑ Complete your project
❑ Arrange final presentation with the instructor
❑ Complete the project report and deliver it

Document descriptions and templates

Templates are Word files:

Project definition meeting

Project plan contents (HTML)

Project requirements

Application design document

User guide

Technical reference guide

Project report

Use of citations and references in reporting:
If you take a full sentence from somebody else's text, it is a citation and needs to be in quotation marks. For each citation, you need to give the reference (URL or publication name).

Created by: Jaana Holvikivi
Last update: 15.3.2014