Introduction to XML

Program Spring 2015


Hand in all laboratory assignments latest one week after they are introduced in the classroom. Individual applications (assignment 6) are all handed in during the last laboratory class, or latest before the examination. Post the exercises on the Web on your Metropolia home pages and send the URL to the teacher through the Tube assignments. In exceptional cases you can also hand in the completed work through the portal assignments.

The Quick references to XML and XSLT are accessible on the Mulberry Technologies site.

Week Tuesday lecture Labs: Tuesday & Thursday
12 Introduction to XML and structured documents XML basics (practice 1)
more XML (practice 2)
13 XML theory, Well-formed XML;
CSS theory (Optional,in case you need it: HTML practice)
CSS with XML(practice 3)
(Optional : CSS with HTML)
14 DTD lecture
XML Schema, Namespaces
DTD practice (4)
16 XSTL and XPath, lecture XSLT practice (5)
17 More XSLT programming XML, XSL and CSS, practice 6
18 SVG language
Regular expressions
Conclusions, and the status of standardisation
SVG basics practice
19 Seminars, and conclusions Examination 7.5.15

Links to useful XML applications and comments to your work on Links page



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Updated: 23.4.2015