Client-side web programming

Syllabus Spring 2015


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Jaana Holvikivi

Course Description

After completing the unit, the student has core technical skills necessary for a complete understanding of front-end web development, including HTML 5 and CSS 3, JavaScript, DOM, JQuery and AJAX.The student is able to create rich internet applications that use most recent client-side programming technologies. The student can validate HTML and CSS code, and is able to apply the technologies to create a consistent layout.

Core content level learning outcomes (knowledge and understanding)

Javascript and DOM, HTML 5 elements and media, CSS3, JQuery, client side templates. HTML 5 support for multimedia content, and APIs for accessing the native device resources

Core content level learning outcomes (skills)

The student masters basic HTML, CSS and Javascript programming. The student is able to design and implement web pages that have consistent functionalities, and validate. The student is able to apply JQuery libraries and different media on web pages. The student writes fluent Javascript code. The student is able to design and build client-side cross-platform applications using latest HTML and other open technologies that support multimedia content. The student can write clean and well-commented code, and is able to include APIs for device resources. The student is able to create a site that has a consistent outlook and its functionalities work on different platforms.

Lectures: 7 hours, 1 hour/week
Laboratory practice: 35 hours, 5 hours/week


Course Objectives


Learning materials

Recommended reading

Bluttman, Ken & Cottrell, Lee: HTML5 Multimedia Developer's Guide

Danger Gardner, Lyza & Grigsby, Jason: Head First Mobile Web

Materials on the Web: Core site, recommendations and standards: Latest HTML5 version CSS Home Page

Web developers organization

Useful references

HTML5 reference: HTML5 Doctor

Google design guidelines

HTML5 games

Responsive Design issues

Responsive web design, a List Apart

User interface engineering


HTML5 tutorials

Codecademy: Javascipt and CSS

HTML5 demos

Handbook: Dive into HTML5


Class procedures

Prerequisites: Introduction to Computing, Programming

Attendance to the lectures is highly recommended. Sessions in the laboratory are devoted to practical exercises. All work has to be completed and handed in.  Make sure your work is registered by the teacher!

Assessment and Grading

Your grade will be calculated on the basis of the weighted average of grade given for various assessment components. Each component will be graded on a scale from 0 to 5, where 0 means "failed". All the components must be passed to get credit for the course. 

Weight of different components is as follows:   

Assessment component Weight
Lab exercises and individual application 3
On-line practice


Due Dates

Deliverables which are late or missing will be penalized. Due dates may be changed for compelling reasons. The students are  responsible for making change arrangements with the instructor before the work is due. 

Academic Integrity

Dishonesty is not part of academic and professional work. Dishonesty includes e.g.: 

If caught for committing academic misconduct, you will receive 0 in this course and a referral to the Vice President of the Institute.




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