Client side web programming


1) Evaluating sites that use responsive design

Mobile developers have the choice of creating native applications for iPhone, Android and Windows, or creating a web-site that is responsive and is used through a browser. Take a look at some sites that are responsive, and evaluate how well the aim has been reached. You can also choose one of your favorite mobile sites. This is a team assignment for 2 or 3 students.

Pages to be analyzed, such as travel agencies' sites:

When you evaluate web sites, first examine the way the site is organized, and how the content is arranged. Think what is primary and what less important information, and how it is presented. Does the navigation scheme let users quickly find their way around on different devices? Try to assess the functionality and usability on the site and how easily you can find information. Analyze also the visual qualities of the site such as color scheme, grouping of items, page layout and number of elements on the pages. Which screen size is best implemented or does the site behave equally in all devices? Take a look at the code and try to understand on which platform the site is built.

2) Understanding responsive design

Responsive designs are discussed on many sites. Try to understand the current uses and practices, and report your opinion on the usefulness and usability of the designs. Take a look at (for example):

Remember to add references to the articles and sites that you use in the discussion.


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Last update: 23.2.2015