Client-side web programming:

Program Spring 2015


This is a preliminary schedule that might still change if needed. Hand in all laboratory assignments latest one week after they are introduced in the classroom. Post the exercises on the Web on your Metropolia home pages and sending the URL to the teacher through the Tube assignments. I recommend creating a main page (index.html) and linking other work from there.

Week Lecture Laboratory
3 Introduction to HTML, DOM and Javascript Javascript practice 1 and practice 2 ;
Validation and debugging tools
4 Javascript programming more Javascript with ViLLE
5 HTML5 lecture material Learning HTML5 basics: Structure, canvas, drawings
6 CSS theory, CSS3 and Responsive Web Design CSS assignments and the basics of CSS
7 Responsive Web Design, Geolocation and JQuery
Dynamic applications
Animations, events and changing contents
and Responsive Web Design, Issues is responsive design, team work practice
8 Project week  
9 Using open data Music, video, Google Maps API 
The final design task
10 Presenting your designs
Presenting your designs; Finalizing pages
11  Examination week (no exam) Submit all work 



Created by: Jaana Holvikivi
Updated: 4.2.2015