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Project management

Project process checklist


Form a project team (3 or 4 people) consisting of following roles by analysing the skills and strenghts of the team members. One person can fill two or three roles, if appropriate, but the team has to ensure that workload is equally divided. 

Project Documentation

Find the table of contents for a project description and a project plan and fill them in following instructions from the Methods page.

An example of a complete listing of project plan items is provided by IBM.

Final Report

The Final Report is a summary and assessment of your project work. It includes the following:

1. Description and assessment of the work process, its management and team participation.

2. Evaluation of the final product vis-ā-vis originally set requirements. This evaluation has two viewpoints: that of the project team, and that of the client: would the result help the client in succeeding in its activities? If all original plans could not be realised, an outline for further developments can be included.

3. Evaluation of the project work,  what was learned, and what should have been learned but was not. Problems encountered, and suggestions for developing the course. Be honest, this is a learning process.

4. Conclusions and recommendations for the future.

When writing the report and product documentation, be specific. Include a list of sources of the material (scripts, images, etc.) used and accurate process descriptions.

User centered design

Lecture: Introduction to the User-centered Design Process

User Experience and Usability

Psychology of Usability

User-Centered Design Process Map: by U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Describing personas:

Learning materials

Recommended background reading

Irmeli Sinkkonen, Hannu Kuoppala, Jarmo Parkkinen, Raino Vastamäki: Psychology of Usability. Edita Publishing Oy, 2005

Sampsa Hyysalo: Health technology development and use. 2010.



Complete a small usability testing assignment.


Introduction to XML

Responsive Design

DOM and Ajax


Due Dates

Deliverables which are late or missing will be penalized. Due dates may be changed for compelling reasons. The students are  responsible for making change arrangements with the instructor before the work is due. 

Academic Integrity

Dishonesty is not part of academic and professional work. Dishonesty includes e.g.: 

To avoid any misinterpretations, make sure that all work that you hand in includes a list of authors: the team members.


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